Sunday, June 29, 2008

Here I Am

I'd like to introduce myself...
I'm Jenn, I'm a photographer, illustrator, proud mother of two, girlfriend to a wonderful guy, a daughter, a friend, and someone who just might have too much to say at times. And maybe, just maybe, someone would like to hear what I have to say.
I have my own wedding & portrait photography business. I am the photographer, designer, business manager, and go-getter. I'm a documentary-style shooter, so I don't fuss with big lights, big hair, or big productions. I shoot to capture my clients' story, not to make the story up. A lot of people appreciate that way of photographing. I do it pretty well, too.
I have illustrated some children's books. Nothing published as of yet. But a lot of fun to do.
 Ever since I was 3 years old I was drawing and painting. I had one goal in mind when I grew up = to be an artist. I put pressure on myself, for I didn't concentrate on anything else in school. I didn't get great grades, and focused only on what I wanted to do, and not on what might make a decent paying occupation someday.  I went to an art college & received a bachelor's degree in photography. 
I still go with the motto = "Do what you love to do! No one can tell you you're doing it wrong!" I still do!

photo: "My Mommie" ©Gregory Poitras 2006
do not use without permission