Monday, July 30, 2012

Color Theory

I am very influenced in how colors work together and make the most impact in an image. 
It's what I choose to leave out, not just what angle I point my camera.

all photos by & property of Jenn Burdick & Jenn Burdick Photography

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wedding Roses & Wildflowers

A beautiful bouquet made up of roses and hand-picked wildflowers
by Love In Flowers in Greenfield, MA

A sweet flower girl's bouquet of mini roses and wildflowers
by Love In Flowers in Greenfield, MA

The bride's beautiful bouquet made of white roses and  wildflowers
by Love In Flowers, Greenfield, MA

A stylish boutinere of bright roses and wildflower
by Love In Flowers, Greenfield, MA
photos by & property of Jenn Burdick & Jenn Burdick Photography

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WildFlower Power

     I have a friend who is on the verge of starting her own flower design business, "Love In Flowers", in Greenfield, Massachusetts.
     Recently she collected some wildflowers from around my property, and created the cutest corsages and mini bouquets.
     I adored her work!
     I will brag MORE about her work when she gets her business up and running... I promise!

 2012  photos by & property of Jenn Burdick & Jenn Burdick photography
do not use without permission