Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wedding Photo

My Favorite Recent Shot
One of my favorite shots with my artistic touches.
"Father & Daughter"©2009 Jenn Burdick

Wedding Reception Photos

I have to admit it...
...I look forward to the photographing a wedding reception.
Everyone relaxes, lets their hair down, has a couple drinks, dances, laughs, enjoys themselves...
...most of the time.
THIS was one of those times.

They were enjoying themselves so much, & got caught up in it.
I usually stay at the reception until the last dance, even beyond.
All of this is planned out way in advance.
I don't want to miss the final floor circle, the last dance, the crazy cousin's specialty...
... there are SO many shots to be had, & a lot of fun getting them.
This is when I feel I can capture some magical moments with my photo journalistic skills.
I worked at a local newspaper for 8 years...
...I know my stuff....
...and shooting a wedding is ALL about documenting what's going on, and do it in such a way that catches THE coolest moments of everything.
Then I go back home & download ALL the images, & work some of my artistic magic on them.
I have degrees in art & photography, so I enjoy "tweeking" them a little, but not so much so not to loose the journalistic integrity.
I am not changing much to the image, just color to black & white, or sepia-toned ~like these~, accented with some touches of actual color, burning & dodging.
Photographic tricks with digital photography adds an artistic quality to my work.

My clients get a little something extra special. :)

"May Wedding Reception"@2009 photos are the property of Jenn Burdick & Jenn Burdick Photography

Monday, May 18, 2009

Kids' Photography

These shot are from a recent shoot at a school's playground.
Letting kids be kids make wonderful photographs.
That's my approach to photographing almost anybody, even posed portraits.
We go to a favorite park, hiking trail, or a play structure in their own backyard.
A place that means something special and makes them relax.
I ask them to just "be" or "do" whatever they want to do, with very little direction from me.
What results are natural, realistic portraits of their true selves.
And the added pleasure is that we have a lot of fun together in the process.

photos by Jenn Burdick ©2009

Thursday, May 7, 2009

PHOTO-Wedding Photography

Pre-Wedding Photos
A really fun couple recently hired me to photograph them just before the ceremony with their wedding party.
For two hours we had a wonderful time together.

all photos by Jenn Burdick ©2009
do not use without permission