Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wedding Reception Photos

I have to admit it...
...I look forward to the photographing a wedding reception.
Everyone relaxes, lets their hair down, has a couple drinks, dances, laughs, enjoys themselves...
...most of the time.
THIS was one of those times.

They were enjoying themselves so much, & got caught up in it.
I usually stay at the reception until the last dance, even beyond.
All of this is planned out way in advance.
I don't want to miss the final floor circle, the last dance, the crazy cousin's specialty...
... there are SO many shots to be had, & a lot of fun getting them.
This is when I feel I can capture some magical moments with my photo journalistic skills.
I worked at a local newspaper for 8 years...
...I know my stuff....
...and shooting a wedding is ALL about documenting what's going on, and do it in such a way that catches THE coolest moments of everything.
Then I go back home & download ALL the images, & work some of my artistic magic on them.
I have degrees in art & photography, so I enjoy "tweeking" them a little, but not so much so not to loose the journalistic integrity.
I am not changing much to the image, just color to black & white, or sepia-toned ~like these~, accented with some touches of actual color, burning & dodging.
Photographic tricks with digital photography adds an artistic quality to my work.

My clients get a little something extra special. :)

"May Wedding Reception"@2009 photos are the property of Jenn Burdick & Jenn Burdick Photography

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