Friday, April 23, 2010

Home Portraits

A few months ago a friend recently saw a Facebook post of mine.
I was offering to do family portraits.
He asked if I would shoot the newest member of his family...
... his family's rebuilt house on the coast of Maine.
Right now he and his family live in Africa, and will be back in the states soon.
He has not seen his new home, and wants photos of it before all the furniture moves in.

I went up on a chilly, rainy day a couple weekends ago.
What I thought would be a literal washout, ended in being a wonderful photo opportunity.
The overcast skies made the perfect ambient light to photograph a many-windowed, three-storied beauty of a structure... especially inside.
It's a beautiful modern home, filled with wonderful daylight and LOTS of color.

I'm looking forward to possibly spending a summer day visiting with them, and taking more photos...
...once it's lived-in, and filled with the family's personality.

But this weekend, the house had a personality all it's own.

photos property of Jenn Burdick & Jenn Burdick Photography

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