Monday, June 7, 2010


Yes, call me crazy, but I want couples to have some memorable and nice photos,
without having to put out a second mortgage on the house...
... at least not with MY Photography Services.

Let me give you a rundown of what you'll get in my Basic Package for ONLY $1,150...
My personal pre- and post consultations.
These may take only a few minutes, or a few days, over the course of your prep time before your Big Day. I'd love to meet with my couples in person, where I get to introduce myself, show my wedding portfolio, and talk, in detail, what you have planned for that day.
With my Basic Package you get me shooting for 4 up to 8 hours... I want to shoot the whole day, your story, from preparation, to the last dance. I'm a photographic storyteller... it's what I love to do!
Afterwards, I download tons of digital images, edit them, tweak them, but NEVER alter them. I'm a documentary photographer, I don't like messing with the integrity of the moment.
But I also have a bachelor's degree in fine arts, so I will make some beautiful art photography pieces for you, with black & white, and color accented photographs.
You'll also receive 2 - 8"x10" enlargements of your choice, with many options, and other packages to choose from! I am your one-stop photography store, as well.
I usually meet with the married couple after the Day, to deliver the CD of high resolution photos, talk about the photos, making albums, etc.

I'm not just their photographer for the day, but hope to be their family photographer, their friend's wedding photographer, their kids' portrait photographer... there is a relationship that is made when a photographer shoots such an important day.
I feel honored if you would allow me to be YOUR wedding photographer, too!

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